Welcome to 33 & 1/3 Record Distributors

33 and 1/3 Record Distributors provides world-class Vinyl Wholesale service to Independent Record Dealers/Stores and is 100% Record Collector Owned and Operated.

Based in the greater Philadelphia area, we have sold millions of albums since I started selling Vinyl in 1977. We know the industry very well, from grass roots independent record stores, to smaller corporate chains; we understand your needs and service you expect.

Although we are not a One Stop, our Inventory improves Weekly with new Arrivals and Overstock Albums at fantastic prices.

All orders ship within 48 hours of your order being placed.

We ship worldwide. We ship in above industry standard boxes and pack your Vinyl orders with Top Shelf Care. We understand the importance of a well packed and shipped order so your records arrive in perfect condition.

33 & 1/3 Record Distributor’s most important mission is for your store to make money and help your inventory grow to gain mass appeal for buyers of all Genres.

We carry Classic Rock, Metal, Punk, Jazz, Folk, Indie Rock, Death Metal, Stoner Rock, Shoegaze and more.

Our B2B is designed with the record buyer in mind.

Streamlined ease of use, simple ordering features and no time wasted finding items of interest.

Search by Artist and Genre on a well-balanced B2B platform to find your records of interest fast and easy.

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We welcome the opportunity to become one of your most valued and trusted suppliers.

Thank you for considering 33 & 1/3 Record Distributors.

Steven Parelman – Owner/Operator

33 & 1/3 Record Distributors